Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Somebody catched a cloud"

Something I don't ever want to forget...

Shauna brought a big huge 6 lb box of polyfiber batting (think fluffy cotton looking stuff) and put it in our office for one of our many projects at work. It's a cardboard box without a lid on it. On Sunday Hope came in my office and peered into the box. Her eyes got so big with excitement and she said to me, "Somebody catched a cloud!"

Then she ran to Shauna who had gone into Deni's office and dragged her back to our office and told her, "Somebody catched a cloud!" She was as serious about it as she has ever been about anything. She asked Shauna if she was going to let it go back into the sky. She reached in and touched it and her eyes were just filled with wonder. It was such a sweet moment.

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