Sunday, September 21, 2008

We are in Vegas!


A quick update just to say, I love Las Vegas! There is just so much to see! John and I are staying at the Venetian, and we went to see The Phantom of the Opera here last night, and it was so awesome. The best show I have ever seen.
Our room is fabulous too. I am pretty much a non fancy kind of girl. I like to shop, but only for good deals. I enjoy vacationing, but I am fine with going to Branson. And when traveling, I by no means want to spend a bunch of money on a fancy hotel room. (But I won't stay at a nasty motel either. There is a happy medium!) Give me a Courtyard M@rriot and I am one happy camper. But, I will admit, I could get used to this real fast and in a hurry.
They were out of the suite that we had reserved, so we got upgraded. It is by far the nicest room I have ever stayed in. I have never stayed anywhere where housekeeping comes back to your room at night and turns down the sheets, puts chocolates on your pillows, puts out your slippers, closes the drapes. Seriously, have I lead a sheltered life or is this not normal? Either way, I could get used to it. A piece of yummy chocolate before going to sleep? Yes please!
This morning we ordered room service for breakfast. They came in and set the table and we sat and enjoyed our view of Vegas.

Today I ventured out alone to Caesar's Palace. People tried to tell me how long it takes to walk places here, but I didn't believe them. Caesar's Palace looks like it is right by us but the Venetian is so big it takes forever just to get past it. Caesar's was fun though with the moving statues, changing ceilings, FAO Schw@rz ...
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