Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Stages

My three and a half year old has homework every week. It is a struggle for both of us. First of all finding the time has been difficult, and second, Hope does not enjoy doing it! She has been writing her name since she turned 2. She has always had a fascination with letters, and spelling her name and then writing it was just something that was easy to teach her. Problem, we wrote it in all caps. Now that she is in her new big girl class at school, Ms. Kendra is laying down the law! No more capitol E's for Hope. (the O and the P are obviously pretty much the same.) Hope will not hesitate to tell you that she doesn't like little e's.

We are also struggling with the whole sizing of letters thing. It's hard for me to explain to her that these letters touch the top and bottom lines, these letters start at the middle line, etc. We're working on it! Tonight's letter c was a hard one for us both. Nenny, we need a tutoring lesson soon!
Hope is not the only one entering a new stage. Noah Red has been trying out some new things this weekend. I think you can see that he is not too sure about the jumper at first!
But, he eventually decides it's not so bad!
Some entertaining from sister always helps (ok, not always!)Daddy put together Noah's high chair too. He tried his first baby food tonight. Sweet Peas! He loved them. I couldn't feed him fast enough. He was smacking his lips! I will have to film him tomorrow night!


Kerum said...

LOVE how Hope writes her name!!! Austin is such a boy...says it's "too hard." LOL I'm wondering how it will be when he finally gets to go to school...his teachers are in for a REAL treat! Can't wait to see pictures of Ross's homecoming!!!

Meredith said...

Girl...don't let her get overworked with that homework! As a pre-k teacher...let her move at her own pace and have fun! She is precious!