Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Never A Dull Moment" Moment #3,998,746

Yep, that's Mimi. Isn't she fun?

Jennifer (Nenny) seriously needs a blog. But, until she gets one, I will tell her stories for her. Our family and 4 Wheelers should not mix. Sure it's fun, but something always happens. It might run out of gas, get stuck in the woods, or in today's case, CATCH ON FIRE!

Seriously, I know it's not funny, but since no one was hurt, we can laugh a little. Everything was going well, several folks rode it around (the go kart too) and then it just caught on fire. Jennifer runs to get the hose (it's about a football field away...wouldn't quite get there.) I grab a bucket, while Heather goes inside to find a pot of water. My brothers were faster thinkers and pushed (or threw!) it into the ditch. Problem solved. There was a lovely snake friend in there too. After a few minutes, Ross was able to drive it out of there.

But, the funniest part hands down was Heather running out of the house with a little bowl of water to save the day. This is a reinactment, but this is really the bowl of water she brought out! Love her!

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