Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day at the Zoo

We decided to surprise Hope Monday morning and take her to the zoo without telling her where we were going. She was so excited. We had a great day together. We ot there in time to see them feed the apes. In case you are wondering, if you have never seen this, it is really not worth it. The zoo keepers stood at the rail and tossed fruit and veggies over into the animals' areas. Then, the apes may or may not be interested in picking up said food. It was actually a pretty sad sight.
I did discover that boys just smell like boys. Hope and Noah both had a bath the night before, but after we left the zoo and Hope still smelled sweet, and Noah smelled like a sweaty boy. Why is that? And for future reference... LOTS of people go to the zoo on Labor Day!

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Michele said...

Boys have a smell all their own. Only Mommies of boys really understand this smell. Oh and it gets stronger the older they get.