Saturday, December 04, 2010

Our New Santa

Department 56 Possible Dreams Clothtique Santa Figurine, Precious Gift
I am not a collector of many things. But, a lot of you know I have a little obsession with Clothtique Santas. I have been collecting since long before John and I got married, and I have about 25 of them. Blame my parents who used to make me duck between people and run to the display every year at the Dillard's day after Christmas sale from the time I was 10. That's right, we are the crazies. I have tried to tone down my obsession in recent years. My goal is to only buy one. Usually, that doesn't quite work, because I find at least two that I neeeeed. Anyway, so I buy one (or 2 or 3...) the day after Christmas every year. and really, the best part of decorating is finding what I bought the year before, because I can NEVER remember! I was so happy when I pulled this Santa out tonight! We told everyone on Christmas Day we were expecting Emmy, so the next day it was so nice to be able to openly discuss that we would have a little baby next Christmas! Now, someone please tell me why I did not think to buy a new stocking the day after Christmas last year! Ha!

Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas time? I do! Life is good!

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