Saturday, December 18, 2010

Frisco Light Show

Last weekend we headed to Frisco to their lightshow on the square. It was so fun... and free! The best kind of Christmas Fun. The lights are set to music on the whole square. Everyone walks around and there are train rides, bounce houses, carriage rides, and of course, Santa was there! This was Emmy's first Santa encounter, and the first that Noah remembers! Hope was super excited, Noah was just shocked that Santa was really there, and Emmy, well, she just knew he was NOT her Mommy!
We have promised Hope that we will do something "Christmasy" every night. It has been a lot of fun! I heart Christmas time, and I can't believe it is next week! I braved the stores today (with the millions of others! But, I was without kids, so it didn't bother me one bit.) I went to the Mattel outlet store in Richarson. Umm...Awesome! My Texas friends, you are in trouble for not telling me about this earlier. So glad I went there first, because I would have paid a lot more for the things I was going to buy anyway. What was not awesome were their shopping carts. Their rusty shopping carts. Their rusty shopping carts with metal shards on the inside. The rusty shopping carts with metal shards that I sliced my finger open on. It hurts. And I need a tetnus shot, and probably could have used a stitch or two. But, I kept shopping. We have so many nieces and nephews to knock out, I had to keep going. I am planning on getting a shot tomorrow. Boo. I asked the man who worked there (who helped clean my finger) if he thought I should get a shot. He said "Nah, I slice my hands on these every day and my jaw hasn't locked up or anything." Awesome. I will be getting a shot.


Karen Cleveland said...

love your funny stories!! you will have to tell me about this outlet..I had no idea! Frisco sounds fun, we will have to go there sometime this week.

Shaunda said...

I just LOVE pictures with Santa! B-eautiful children!!! I think it's a jobe well done when 2/3 are smiling :)

Shaunda said...

I just LOVE pictures with Santa! B-eautiful children!!! I think it's a success when 2/3 children are smiling :)