Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Worms Don't Make Very Good Friends

So, I know it is really funny to my mom and family that Hope is "just like me." And I will admit, her sass, her stubbornness, her attention span... all very familiar. But, there is a possibility that she is not 100% me. Because, you would have NEVER in a million years found me in the backyard making friends with 2 worms!
But, Hope had The.Best. Time. making friends with these two worms. CoCo and Squirmy. She sat in the backyard for close to an hour watching them, relocating them, talking to them, digging holes for them to crawl in.

And after her fun time with friends, her mommy nearly scrubbed her fingerprints right off her tiny grubby hands. Just the thought of worms...eww.
Good times, right? I was pretty proud of myself for letting her explore and get dirty without discouraging her (which was of course my very first reaction.) We moved on, ate dinner, went to bed.
Next morning, Hope lets the dog out in the backyard and goes out there with the dog. She comes back to the door SCREAMING "CoCo is DEAD!!" She proceeds to bring me the shriveled up dead worm. So sad.
Hope processes things for a bit, and then come the flood of questions and comments. She prayed for CoCo that night, and for Squirmy. Then she tells me that Squirmy has ran away. And she starts crying, again. Then, she dries it up pretty quickly and says matter of factly, "Worms don't make very good friends."
Very true, sweet girl. Very true.

Brother is no longer satisfied watching sister play in the backyard from the window. He will scream and fuss until he is out in the sunshine. Who can blame him? He still doesn't like to be in the grass, though. I am sure this will change soon.

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