Monday, May 04, 2009

A reminder for my husband

Mother's Day is this Sunday.

Just a friendly reminder.

From me.

The mother of your two precious children.

The children I carried for 9 months (each!)

The ones I gave birth too

(even though you assure me that childbirth is nowhere near as painful as having your gallbladder removed. But still, I am quite certain that both children are remarkably cuter than your infected nasty gallbladder.)

The ones I feed.


Read to.

And love.

The ones who have pooped on me.

Peed on me.

Puked on me.

Bitten me.

Screamed at me.

The ones I have taught.

The ones I play Princess Snap with. Over and Over again.

The ones I get up with night after night after night.

And yes, it is all sooo worth it.

But still.

I just wanted to remind you that Sunday is Mother's Day.


tallgirl said...

Your so cute and resourceful. You should also send a reminder out for grandparents because they wanted the grandchildren after all.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up... Seriously.. if he doesn't get it after that, you need to smack him upside the head.. hehe... love it cuz!


Anonymous said...

One such grandmother has already taken care of her daughters... the ones who produce my beautiful grandchildren who love me, even love me enough to NOT poop on me or pee on me, or bite me. But those precious children who let me read to them, shop with them and let me watch their incredible games!

Jen said...

I laughed out lout at the last picture.

Sarah Roberts said...

I will be doing this exact same thing!!! awesome! did it work?