Sunday, May 03, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things (Party Edition!)

I have had a lot of questions where I got some of Noah's party things, so I thought it would be fun to post this. First of all, I found the party supplies at The theme was called "Mod Monkey." It was way cute! The banner is my favorite thing from 1st wishes, and it was a deal at 14.99. It is vinyl, and we should be able to use it year after year.The cakes. Every cake I have ever ordered for Hope and Noah has come from Diane Ehlers. She rocks! I promise they are the best cakes ever. And she can do anything you could possibly dream up. For these cakes, I just emailed her the link to the party supplies, and they were perfect. She has also done a princess cake, a ladybug cake, a razorback cake and a gymnastics cake (complete with sparkly pink leotard per Hope's request!) for Hope's parties. If you live in Central Arkansas and need a cake, email me and I will send you her info. Did I mention that the big cake is two different flavors? One side is chocolate and one side is white cake. I still have no idea how she does this. (But I am so glad she does, because I could never pick which flavor to order otherwise! They are both soooo good!)

This is the cute "smash cake" from Diane. Also here is the birthday knife. It is actually Hope's but we are going to have Noah's name engraved on it as well. My sister gave this to Hope on her first birthday. The idea is you use it to cut all of their birthday cakes, and then they also use it on their wedding day(s). The store she bought it from is now closed, but I just saw some at Lads and Ladybugs on JFK.

The shirt is another one of my very favorite things. I actually came across it by accident on I was looking for "Mod Monkey" party favors when I found it. It is so well made and was just perfect for the party. She also made a matching bib that he wore while destroying the cake! Her store name is "Ashley Alexander Custom Boutique." You can find her etsy store here. I am going to go look through her store again to see what else she has because I am so impressed with this!
I also ordered these little magnets as party favors from ebay. They turned out really cute as well, and I think everyone liked them. I even have extras to send out to family members that weren't able to make it. Andrea had the idea of ordering some for herself to send out as Christmas cards. Wish I had thought of that! :-) The ebay seller's store can be found here.

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HT said...

too cute. i hate i could not make the party.