Thursday, May 21, 2009

Julia's 6th Grade Graduation from CAC

It is possible I got a little carried away with photoshop today when playing with this picture of Julia...

My precious niece, Julia's, Sixth Grade Graduation would have been an exciting day all in itself. Clara added a bang to the celebration when she fell during the ceremony and hit her head on a pew, busting it wide open. 7 stitches! Ouch. Jennifer says she was so brave, which, I know what you are thinking, she must have gotten that bravery from me! Um, no? Ok, you are probably right. Anyway, we will never forget Julia's graduation day! I stayed to take pictures of our graduate. I think you can tell she had a great time!
Look! Maybe Julia didn't get those short Hoover/Naylor genes! She is only a couple inches shorter than her friend!
Er, never mind! Looks like she did! Julia, repeat after me, "I am little but I am mighty!" :-)

So proud of you, Julia T!

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