Friday, May 22, 2009

The Recital (with LOTS of pictures!)

The recital was a lot of fun. The events leading up to the recital were a bit chaotic, but once she was on the stage, she was a star. She is much more graceful than her mommy!

The afternoon started with me being in charge of getting 5 giddy, giggly, 4 year old girls dressed and ready for the recital. Costumes, hair, make-up. It was a tad on the crazy side.

Then, all the girls, I mean like ALL the girls (not just my 5) were put in a staging room where they were to wait until it was their turn. It was more than a tad on the crazy side. Hope does not do well in these situations. Too much stimulation and noises...she just melts down. And she did just that. Luckily, I got her out of the room and in a quiet hallway before the meltdown got too terribly bad. Aunt Nenny showed up just in time with her iphone which kept Hope entertained until it was her turn to perform.

She really did well, and did everything she was supposed to do when it was her turn in the spotlight.

There were times when she still did her own thing, but she definitely paid attention better than she did last year!

Her favorite part: skipping in a circle!


Kerum said...

SOOO cute! I can't believe our kids are old enough for this stuff! Of course, Austin wouldn't even CONSIDER dancing in front of people like that(singing is also out of the question...makes story time at the library interesting since they do songs in between the stories). Hope looks like she had fun and did a great job! Yay Hope!

Kristin said...

These pictures make me want to sign my daughter up for dance immediately!!!!

*thanks for the tip on the highchair covers. I got get that taken care of!!!

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh, Hope is such a doll. How fun her recital day looked!

Jen said...

She did really well!