Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hope is playing T-Ball! Ok, well maybe it's more like Hope is playing in the dirt while others are playing T-Ball around her! The first game was not great. I will refrain from saying what I really want to say just to save myself from enduring another lecture from my big sister :-) No, really, I know, she is only four, and everyone else on her team is 5 and 6. A few tears are ok, there was also a lot of digging in the dirt, refusal to put on her glove, leaving the field 5 times, some more digging in the dirt, and the slowest run to 1st base ever seen. But, she also hit the ball well both times she got to bat (although she got out both times at first base), she had a good time and wanted to play again, she did run in the right direction, and she said her favorite part was lining up and high fiving the other team. Thank goodness her Uncle Wes is such a patient coach! Much more so than her mama!
It's tough not to make comparisons when you look and see Hope doing this...
While Clara is doing this! Look how awesome she is! That girl is ready!

Brother is definitely loving baseball season!

So, on a positive note, she had another game on Friday, and she did so much better. She scored a run and got on base both times she went to bat. She was so proud! When she got up to bat the first time, Wes said, "Ok Hope, what do you do after you hit the ball?" While I am sure he was looking for an answer like "Run to first base!" What he got was "Get ice cream!" It's possible that I bribed my child to do better in the second game!

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