Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Now, a word from my sister

Okay, I have been telling my sister she needs her own blog. Crazy funny things are ALWAYS happening to her. Most somehow involving animals. The following is an email I recieved from her telling about her latest animal tale:

Just to let you know about one day in my life.Today I had Clara while Wes was taking the other two to softball practice. Clara and I were going to the grocery store before she had Tball practice. (Yes, 3 playing ball is too many) Clara started talking to someone and I looked in the back seat and saw Miley (Riley's cat) looking at me in the rearview mirror from a box that was sitting by Clara. Now we have a problem. I was about half way into town and decided to turn around and take the cat home. One the way back the cat starts acting crazy and jumps on Clara's lap and now Clara is now screaming because the cat is clawing her legs. I pull over and am trying to get the cat and realize that the cat is wet. I am now looking to see what she spilled because I know I'm going to have to clean it up. I look in the box and there are 4 brand new kittens in the box. OK, now I have a new problem. I get the cats home as quick as possible and start thinking about when she has gotten in my car. The last time I drove it was on Thurs. night and now it is Sun. afternoon. We have been in and out of my car, and I think I saw her yesterday while I was mowing the yard, but not for sure. Clara and I get the cats home and start checking them out and sure enough, one kitten is not moving. It has kicked the bucket. New problem. I like animals, but am not shedding a tear or anything. I think I will just bag it and get rid of it. Well Clara has other ideas. Now here I go to a spot in the yard with my gardening shovel and start diging. Clara lays it in the ground (it is in the bag and she wanted to hold the bag, go figure) and we decide we need to say a prayer. So at this point I have had a surprise cat in my car, the birth of 4 kittens, the funeral of one kitten, and am now heading to T ball practice. Well, life is certainly not boring. Hope your days are as exciting as mine. :) Jennifer


Julie said...

She DOES need a blog. That was a fabulous story. Probably not so much fun to live it out, but fun to read! :) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. I copied it to my mom and sister's emails. They thought it was too funny! -Samantha