Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm having a pitty party, and you are invited!

So is it possible to love being pregnant and be completely miserable at the same time? I say yes. I really do enjoy being pregnant. For one, I know what a blessing it is to even be pregnant. After months of fertility treatments, this is definitely a miracle baby. I also enjoy his little movements, especially in the morning when I try to poke him to get him to move. I am always anxious to feel those first movements of the day. When he finally gets moving, it's these little stretches. A little elbow push here, some nobby knees rolling around there. I really do love it. And I also know that just as with Hope, as soon as he is born, I will miss being pregnant.

Now for the fussy part. I have been sick for 5 weeks now with asthmatic bronchitis. In the last week I have seen the Dr. twice, and spoke to him 2 other times, spent $200 on copays and medicines, and I am still wheezing and coughing. Then today, I have also been vomiting. Sorry, I know it's gross, but it's true. Add to that just the fact that I am 36 weeks pregnant and as big as a house, I am just not feeling good at all. I have had many a break down in the last few days. Oh, and I also have the whole nesting thing going on where I want everything in my house crazy clean and organized, but am just too exhausted to do much about it. I haven't packed my bags or put Noah's little things in his drawers because I don't feel like I can do that before the house is clean. Does it make sense, no. Oh, also, John is out of town again.

I do realize that I have much to be thankful for. I just needed to whine fo a minute. I'll get over it! Only 2-4 weeks left (hopefully more like 2!) Hope is being a good trooper and is sooo ready for Noah to be here. My mom has been staying with us when John is gone and has been giving Hope a bath and putting her to bed and taking her to school on the mornings I don't work. Thank you Mimi!


Michele said...

I wish I could hop on a plane and be there with you to help!

Emily said...

Hey Jill! I hope everything goes well with Noah's birth. I can't wait to see pictures. I hope you feel better soon. Hope is precious! Katie Freeman

Laura said...

Hey girl! If you need ANYTHING, even a moment alone, give me a call! I'm sure Morgan and Hope would love to play together!

Take care and I can't wait to meet Noah!!!

brindy said...

We SO have to do lunch soon. Let me know when you are available.