Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rainy Day + Runny Noses = No School

I had big plans for today. Plans for just me. Not particularly fun things, but things that need to get done. My mom was going to pick up the kids from my house this morning and take them to school. I was going to clean the house, list some stuff on ebay and etsy, go join the gym, get Microsoft Money set up on my laptop. I was just going to knock it all out in one day by myself. It was not meant to be! Noah did not sleep well last night, then both babies woke up with runny noses. I decided I would keep Noah home with me. I then went to change Noah's diaper and looked out the window. It was absolutely pouring down rain. I decided I didn't want to send Hope out in the nasty weather, so I called Mimi and cancelled the "get it done day" I had planned. I did get some things taken care of, but not like I had planned.
We did have fun together around the house. I have been placing rattles and things in Noah's hand for weeks now, but today he finally noticed! It was so fun to watch him figure the rattle out.
Hope was to have her first Gymnastics class tonight, and was concerned when I told her that we weren't going to school. She was afraid that meant she wasn't going to gymnastics either. I told her we were still going, but not until the 1st number on the clock said 5. At this point it said 8. She proceeded to check the clock approximately every 3 minutes for the rest of the day. I also told her she could put on her leotard when the 1st number on the clock said 4. So from then on she told me every time there was a number 4 anywhere on the clock. I would say, "but is it the first number" and she would sigh and say "No." I talked her into a nap after explaining that she needed some energy for gymnastics. That was a several minute conversation about what energy is. When she woke up she checked the clock again and it said 3. She asked oh so sweetly if she could put her leotard on then and I gave in.
She was so good at gymnastics. She listened to everything her teacher said, sat on her spot when it wasn't her turn, and was really good at doing the skills. Several times she said "Teacher, I am at gymnastics!" She was so happy to finally get the chance again. We tried Gymnastics last year but she was wild and crazy and wouldn't listen to the teacher and I was so stressed watching her not doing what she was supposed to do. She has been asking non stop for weeks if she could go (and with all the Olympic stuff this week it has really put her over the edge!) So, after a long discussion about how we behave in gymnastics we gave it another try. I am so glad we did. I think she is finally ready to really take lessons. She was the leotard inspector at gymnastics. She showed everyone in her class the sparkles on hers and would point out the ones who didn't have sparkles. She also told everyone that hers was white pink (light pink) and so soft. She is a fashion girl. (On another side note, I was digging through my purse looking for gum before we went in, and Hope actually asked me to put lipstick on. Not on her, but on me! Boy, she's got the wrong mama! I rarely wear makeup and it already drives her crazy.What will she think of me when she's a teenager?! I did put a little on just for her and she thanked me and told me I was "so fashion.")
I didn't take pictures tonight, but I snapped a few of her still in her leotard right before bed.

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