Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Uncle Vince

Look who won't go to sleep! At 8 o'clock every night, Noah crashes. No matter where we are, he is out. Not always for the night, sometimes he will wake up for one more feeding before I go to bed around 10, but still, at 8, he's out. Not so tonight. We went to celebrate my MUCH OLDER brother's birthday at Pl@ytime Pizza tonight. I am not sure if you have been there or not, but it is insane. I described it to a friend this week as being like Chuck E Cheese on steroids. I think everyone had a fun time, especially the older cousins. I wish I had taken my camera just to get a picture of Riley's grin when she walked in and looked around at the huge space. (And also to take a picture of Vince eating salad. Not pretty.) Hope and Clara wanted to play black light mini golf. Golf is probably not the sport for them. They should stick to Gymnastics and Soccer! It was brutal. When we came out of the mini golf room, my mom had Noah's stroller parked by a Vegas looking machine with spinning lights and he was going crazy kicking his legs and talking! It was really funny. Maybe I SHOULD take him with me to Vegas next month.

Oh, and going backwards, when I took Noah out of his car seat at my mom's house before we left, Noah gave Wade the biggest smile and laugh. I said "Wade, he's been wondering where the other boys were." Wade said "Well I had to wait 10 years!" Wade, of course was the only grandson until Noah's arrival!

Anyway, we had a good time with most of our family. We were missing Wes, John, Lisa and Ross. (14 days till Ross heads home! Woo Hoo!) We got home a little late, and the schedule is out the window. I tried putting Noah down, but he was just talking and smiling, and wiggling out of the swaddling, so he came to hang out with his mommy for a while. Happy to report that he has finally given in and gone to sleep. His teachers will most likely not be pleased with me tomorrow!

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Michele said...

Playtime pizza sounds like Incredible Pizza here in Houston. We refer to it as Chuck E Cheese on crack.