Friday, August 15, 2008

Noah's First Swim

We were invited to swim with Clay and Nicole yesterday at Clay's house. It was a great opportunity to get Noah into the pool for the first time. He was unsure about it for a few seconds, but then he did really well! Nicole took several pictures for me. I am loving the ones with Clay watching Noah because you can tell he was loving being around Noah. Clay was not exactly loving Hope, however! He thinks 3 year olds are pretty annoying! I did gently remind him that I remember when he was 3 years old and his brothers were kidda thinking the same about him! I think the combo of her being 3 AND her being a girl was just too much! He was interested in what Noah was doing, and had several suggestions for me on what Noah needed (usually burping or tapping.) It was so fun to hang out with Clay and Nicole. Thanks for the invite!
And a little fun fact: Hope's first swim was also in Clay's pool. AND Nicole was there to take pictures of her too!
And yes, Hope is wearing a leotard because her mommy forgot to pack her swimsuit. Oops.

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