Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lake Babies Day 3

Hope with "The Cousins"

Papa Paul with all of his grand daughters
"What are you thinking?"
Noah's second boat ride to dinner tonight.
Mimi is working on Noah's stocking. It is beginning to be known as "the stocking from hell." She said it has given her more trouble than any of the other 14 she has made before.

I am doing my best to keep John updated on what we are up to at the lake! We started off the day with Noah's first boat ride. He loved it. The faster the boat went, the better. He might be our wild man! He really only cried when we stopped. I, of course did not have my camera for this moment. This afternoon we went and watched the big girls knee board. They were awesome! I was impressed with their skills! We ended with a boat ride to Doe's for dinner, and then some down time at the house. Riley caught two fish after we came home, and Clara caught one. Hope caught a little fish 2 nights ago. It keeps getting bigger everytime you ask her how big it was.

Also, Grandma Sharon and Heather, I know you have tried to call. We are not able to call out on on cell phones for some reason! Sometimes we are lucky enough to have a call come in to us, but even that is rare! Email probably work best right now.

Thanks to Uncle Vince for taking care of our house this week! Wish you, Lisa and Wade were

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