Sunday, February 06, 2011

Remember The Time Our Parents Thought it Would Be a Good Idea to go see Life-Sized Dinosaurs? What Were They Thinking?!

I can picture Noah and Hope having this very conversation one day. Possibly while sitting on a couch together talking to a therapist. We heard that a local museum here had and exhibit called Dinosaurs Alive. They advertised life-sized dinosaurs being outside along their nature trails. Two weekends ago, it was 70 something degrees outside, so we thought it would be a great time to go see what it was about.

This first dinosaur was tame enough. He didn't move. The kids oohed and ahhhed for a bit.
 As we headed on down the trail, we came upon the next one, who was animated. Meaning, he growled a little bit. We let Noah out of the stroller to check it out.
 Enjoy this moment, because it was pretty much the last moment on the rest of our adventure where he was not screaming, "NO DINOSAURS!!! I WANNA GO HOME!"
 Emmy was happy, though. As she was attached to me for the whole hike.
 This is a very old tree. I love big old trees. A sign near the tree said it was over 250 years old and that it was sprouting at the same time the Declaration of Independence was being signed. Very cool.
 The dinosaurs kept getting a little bigger, a little scarier, and a little more animated as we kept going. Hope even started getting a bit scared, and she completely understood they weren't real.
 She was still her silly, old self, though.
 Does it look like Noah is loving the dinos? No? Hmmm.
 He is absolutely screaming in his Daddy's ear right here.
 Standing as far away as they could.
 Ahhh, a break in animated dinos for one to sit on. We liked that.
 And, of course, the trail ended with the big dog T-Rex. Noah was loooooosing his mind right about here. Hope did not want to stand in front of it, but I was all like, "Oh, honey, you will stand in front of this huge scary thing if I have to hold you upside down by your ankles." Or something. She really was scared. Poor girl. At least we took the picture while his head was way up there, because his head also came down close enough to touch as well. See, we are such good parents. Okay, okay, I will put away some more money for their therapy jars.


Anonymous said...

I love your new layout. It is the cutest I have ever seen!

jnbjourney said...

i love it! i get so excited every time i read your blogs/tweets and see that i'm not the only mom who "tortures" her children! but then again... how good of a parent are you if your child does not need some therapy? haha