Monday, February 14, 2011

Emmy Love is 6 Months old!

Ok, actually, she is almost 7, but, she is STILL officially 6 months old. Hey, take the updates when you can get them, ok?
 Emmy, You are the easiest baby my world has ever known. As long as I am holding you. You do not ever cry. As long as I am holding you. You are never hard to figure out. As long as I am holding you. You love everything! As long as I am holding you. :) Sometimes, you make it just a little hard for Mommy to get other things done, or for Mommy to help take care of your brother and sister. But, on the other hand, it is just pretty awesome to be loved like that. To be able to make everything in your world ok just by holding you? I think I can handle that. I wish I could always make your troubles go away just by being near.

But really, you are such a happy girl. When you get oh so excited, your legs kick, and you turn and bury your head in my shoulder, hiding your big, open mouth grin. It is my favorite thing.

You can sit up for a few seconds, but I certainly cannot walk away from you just yet. You are getting strong, though, and I know you are about to get it.

You have no teeth. Which is right on track with my babies. BUT, you have had these little teeth buds since you were born. Everytime I have taken you to the doctor (No, really, EVERY time) the doctor says, "Oh, and her bottom teeth are about to break through." I just smile and say, "Oh really?" They haven't broken through. But, they still look like they could at any second.

You can eat! You love baby food, of course, but you also want your own food to hold and chew. Your current favs are Baby Mum Mums and Gerber Wagon Wheels.
We left you. This month I have left you in the care of others. Which is hard. For me. You have visited a drop off day care (I did this once before, but you cried until they called me to pick you up...) and you were perfect! You also started staying with your little friends at MOPS. I have always taken you with me to the meeting, but it was time for you to go and play. Again, you were perfect. Then we got really brave and left you at Parents' Night Out at church. They say you were perfect. You went to sleep at your normal bedtime (7ish) until we picked you up. I gave you extra snuggles when we got home because I missed you so much. You also went to the nursery at church for the first time. You worked the system this time, because they said you wanted to be held the whole time. Way to go, sister.

You are a snatcher. You have much better hand control now, and you will snatch things right out of my hand. i.e., the sandwich I was eating last week.

Your favorite place to be (other than attached to me!) is on your play mat. You don't roll much, but you can get to the little toys on the mat and play play play.

You also love your bed. I love you for this. I just put you down awake. You stare at your mobile and kick and giggle until I turn it on. I walk away, and you go to sleep! It is seriously the greatest thing ever.

Emmy Love, I love you my baby girl. I never knew how much I needed you.


tallgirl said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.

Shaunda said...

LOVE seeing her huge smile! Such a happy baby!

Anonymous said...

Oh so precious!!! I can't wait to get my turn holding her too.
I am hoping things work out for spring break.
Give her a big smooch for me. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh such a sweet girl! I can't wait until Spring Break so I can hold you too.
Jill, give her some smooches from mimi!