Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A little worn out.

My friend, Amanda sent me this picture earlier. This is pretty much how I feel right about now! I am having a tough time with Noah. Maybe Noah is going through a rough time? I don't know, but yesterday, was probably the most frustrating Mommy days I have ever had. Everything that happened, by itself, totally sounds like nothing, but put together in succession made for just a bad day. The only thing I can even think of to mention is the colossal meltdown he had in Target. Oh, you know the ones. Screaming, jerking, mess of a boy. The one where you get 2 looks, either the, "OMG! You are the worst mother ever! Take him out of this store!" Or, you get the, "Oh, dear, I have been there before" looks. Thankfully, in store fit throwing is a rare occurrence around here, but yesterday's fit, well, it probably made up for some we've missed. Anyway, I headed to the check out to just leave with what I had, not getting through the list of what we needed. I was holding his head as I unloaded groceries (with Emmy riding in her Baby Bjorn on front of me...I was a sight, I tell ya) so that he wouldn't bang it against something. You get me now? It was a FUN time. So anyway, I headed to my car, and when I got there, a mom with her two small children had followed me out to load my groceries into the car for me so I could deal with Noah. It was so sweet, and something I definitely plan on doing for someone else in the future. Because everyone has those days, right? Please say yes.

John suggested we just go to dinner since the house smelled like smoke and burnt plastic. Oh wait, I didn't mention that, did I? While the dishwasher was on the heated dry cycle, a plastic lid fell onto the heating thingy and it burned and melted right through it. Anyway, our house smelled like smoke and burnt plastic. (Can we just gloss over that?) So, we met him for dinner where John vowed to be on "Noah Duty" the whole time. Which was nice. But, even nicer was when after dinner, he said he would take all three home and put them to bed while I walked around some stores all by myself. It was good. He is good.

I don't know what Noah's deal is right now. He cries and fusses a lot. He is really pretty mean to most everyone. He is not sleeping well. Not  napping at all. And he is having a really hard time falling asleep at night. I don't know if it is part of getting closer to three, or what. We were potty training, but we just completely stopped. He is not ready. Could that have triggered this? I actually feel like I can pinpoint when all this started as when he punctured his eardrum a few weeks ago. But, shouldn't that have healed? And he doesn't say his ear hurts or anything. I just don't know. I just want my sweet, happy Noah back.


tallgirl said...

BabyP has gotten all of his bedtime stories in a number of days.

He bit me last night for no reason. We were playing and he bit me and would not let go. Then he managed to hurt me in other ways we can't mention because they are more delicate.

It is compounded by his sister who gets onto him when i get onto him so i have go to onto her to not get onto him.

I hope it ends soon. I feel bad getting so much relief putting the kids to bed.

Brian and Kerum said...

I know the feeling...truly, I do. "Where in the world is my child and how do I get him back???" No, I have no clue what to do. I just try to ride it out and hope I make it through to the other side without too much guilt. :-) It's so hard because we just don't know what in the world is causing them to completely lose their minds.

Does it help to know that I am praying for you??? :-) And don't you just adore the awesome husband who just "gets it?" ;-)