Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Party like a Rock Star

This weekend, Hope went to a Rock Star Birthday Party for a friend-boy in her class. (Interestingly enough, there were actually 2 Rock Star Birthday Parties this weekend, but we only made it to one. I'm guessing that's the hot theme for BDay parties right now?) I pulled out several items that I felt were Rock Star worthy. She is wearing none of them. This is totally all her doing, from the single cinderella glove to the pink cowgirl boots...

I did enjoy doing her hair though! She did not enjoy getting the rats nest out that night though! She made Bo about 10 different birthday cards, and this was the winner. At the party she handed him the card first and gave him a few minutes to appreciate her card before she would hand them the present. I'm not kidding, she was not going to give him that present until he checked that card all the way out!

Hope is cracking me up right now. She is using some big words, some correctly, some not. This morning after I changed a stinky diaper of Emmy's, she came downstairs and said, "Oh, something in this room smells very un-delightful."

She also has been fighting me on her clothes. Daily. As in she likes nothing I pick out. I knew this day would come, but seriously. I am not ready to give in yet. Have you seen what happens when you go from buying 5T clothing at Target, to buying size 6 at Target? It is insane. Target is no longer my friend. There is a book that I love called Stop Dressing Your 6 Year Old Like a Skank by Celia Rivenbark. I promise I think of that book every time I look at the clothes in Target. It's just gross. And don't get me started on the underwe@r . Why would my child need bikini briefs? Or hipsters? No. Anyway, back to my story. She said to me the other day something like, " Mommy, I've been thinking that it's time for me to start dressing like the high school girls." Ummm. No. So a few days later she asked if she could pick out her clothes so she could dress like a high schooler. I told her I had to see her outfit first, but yes. She picked out her "Big Sister" t-shirt, a too small jacket, jeans with patches, and to top it off, one of Emmy's flower headbands. Which made me giggle to think about a high school girl showing up in a "Big Sister" T-Shirt and infant headband! Ha! I let her wear it, and I think her teacher got a giggle out of it as well.

She is finishing up her cheerleading days with Upward. She has loved it. It has been so great for her to be able to get to know some friends from school better, as well as some new friends. She is going to be so sad when it is over.

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