Saturday, September 18, 2010

These two...

You guys know I love my babies. All 3 of them. A whole whole lot. That being said, the combination of these two has been very trying lately. They fuss and fight all. the. time. Noah wants everything Hope has, and Hope wants Noah to want everything she has, so she flaunts whatever she has in front of him in a very not nice way. It is ongoing, and it is making me crazy. Separation is the only way we are finding peace at the moment. Noah waits all day for his sister to come home, and as soon as she gets home, the torment begins. I feel like I am getting on to them all the time. Because I am. On Saturdays, John and I have been giving each other a break to just enjoy some time with Emmy, because, frankly, it's hard to with these two screaming at each other 24/7. So, one of us gets up and goes to the gym on Saturday mornings and takes the big ones to the playroom at the gym for a bit. Today was my morning to stay home. Aahhh. So nice. And they have a great time playing as well, it's a really neat set up for them. And when they came home and gave hugs, I told them I missed them, and to quote my mother, "But it was the nicest kind of miss."
I absolutely know that this is all completely normal. That this too shall pass. That they are just normal sibling squabbles. I fought with my brothers for the first 20 years of my life. Maybe more. My mom used to call Vince and I "Aggravate and Agitate." And I really do love my brothers. I just didn't ever realize how annoying our fighting was to my mom for all those years! Sorry mom! I will never fight with them again.
They are both wonderfully amazing children. Truly. And when they are separate, that is easy to see. I took Noah on a Mommy and Noah date to McD's the other day and we had the best time. He obeyed, used manners, and was just so happy. This afternoon, Hope and I ran around town together, and she was perfect. We had a great time together. Then, as soon as we got home, the fighting started right back. The oddest thing is that they want to be together. I just don't get it! So, to sum it up, they both need individual attention right now, but also want everyone to be together.

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Jen said...

I'm glad my kids aren't the only ones NOT getting along. I thought I was going to lose it one day last week because they were so horrible to be around.