Monday, September 13, 2010

Noah, give me that paci

Yes, Noah still has a paci. Yes, we had him completely off of it several months ago. Then, he started having night terrors and we gave it back. And really, I am glad we did, because with all that he has been through the last two months, he has needed some comfort. The paci is definitely his comfort item. Hope has always had Ooh Ooh the monkey, but Noah is just not that attached to anything. He has special things in his bed, but can sleep without them too. Now that he seems to be a bit more accepting of his new situation here with baby sister, in a new house, away from most of the people he loves, and with mommy 24/7 vs his time with his beloved Mesha, we are trying to contain paci to the bed. When he woke up this morning, he left it in his bed, just like I asked. After we dropped Hope off at school, he snuck right back up there and got it. I laughed out loud when he did this when I asked him to give it to me!

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Brian and Kerum said...

LOVE this picture! So cute! We have Colten off his paci now, but he will sneak up and take Aiden's paci off the table and go and hide it. Or, he'll look straight at us and pop it in his mouth and smile at us with that mischievious smile. He also likes to help put the paci back into Aidens mouth...but it's more like shoving it into his mouth. Poor kid!

Good luck with paci control...I think it was harder on me than on Colten. Not only is that thing magical, but it's sort of emotional taking away something that they are attached to!!!