Monday, September 27, 2010

Just Randomness

Today was just crazy. Noah was feeling crummy, Hope was almost late to school. The bug man came. While he was here he tried to convince me that having rolly pollys in your house is ok... um no. Please get rid of them. Isn't that your job? The handyman came as well. Out of about 7 things we asked him to fix, he fixed one. Ha. We also ate at Chili's in honor and memory of sweet Collin Marsh. Chili's donates their profits to St. Jude's for pediatric cancer research one night a year. Tonight was that night. We made Collin a Chili Pepper with his name on it, and prayed for his Mommy and Daddy.
And, I am learning a life lesson. I learned that there really are evil people in this world that we encounter every day. I really am very naive, I realize, but I just cannot believe that people can be such liars and cheats. Ugh. I am thankful that the ones who have truly done me wrong have been few and far between. I can think of two. Okay, three. And I am not even counting the dudes who stole my purse at Walmart, or the druggie that broke in and stole my change jar. No, it's when the ones that you knew and trusted wrong you that it really hurts. Right now, my heart just hurts. The other part of this lesson is to never accept someones oral agreement. Make them write it down. Because, well, they can lie and cheat.

I love being a Methodist for several reasons, but one of the reasons is I don't want to listen to any "the devil's gonna getcha" or other scare tactics. I don't think scaring people to Jesus is what we as Christians are called to do. So, that being said, I don't give the devil too much thought. But today, evilness has just been on my mind a lot. So, tomorrow, I am turning my thoughts back around to my God, who is a God of Love.

Wow, deep thoughts by Jill. Betcha didn't think you would find that here. :)

Here's what you came for:
Emmy sure can rock some leg warmers! Can't wait to hear what Ora says about this! :)
 And, one more picture from the day Hope and Noah switched places:
Is it just me, or does Hope look just like her Uncle Ross here?! I have never thought that before today! Crazy. And before I forget, when John came home from work that day, Noah hugged him and said, "I'm a pretty princess, Daddy!" Priceless.


tallgirl said...

I hope you are feeling better soon, and the person who hurt you realizes the error of their ways and makes amends.

One thing I love about the age our boys are is how innocent and sweet they are. Later in life, they will get teased if they dress up like princesses, but right now, they do it because their sister adores it and because they think it is fun. To me... that is priceless.

Walker Family said...

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Next time I say we will bring Sophie over, I'll put it in writing. Love the pictures...and you are right, that is totally why we read the blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jilly. I am so sorry for your distress. I don't like it when one of my "girls" is sad and upset. I will pray for you and also for the evil one in your life that he/she/it will know the error of their ways and repent! Love you. YAYA

michele said...

Praying for you sweet friend! Love the photos of the kids. I still have to look twice at the photo of Hope and Noah. Too funny. Love you! Let's have a phone date soon. So much to tell you!

Anonymous said...

OK ok ok, yes Hope looks like Ross in the picture but next time please have her remove the red toe nail polish.