Monday, September 20, 2010

Emmy Love 2 Months

Emmy Love is 2 Months Old! And, oh, how we adore her.

Here are some highlights at 2 Months:
  • weighs 9 pounds
  • 22 1/2 inches long
  • still very much a sleepy, snugly newborn
  • eats 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hours
  • sleeps well at night, usually only getting up once
  • loves to be held
  • loves to ride in the Moby wrap or Baby Bjorn
  • tolerates the car 1000 times better than her siblings (as babies and currently)
  • Nights in own room = 0 (still in the bassinet in our room.)
  • likes a paci
  • does not like being changed
  • does not like loud noises (like screaming siblings)
  • has tried 6 different formulas. Currently on Nutramigen. Not working.
  • has started to enjoy baths after the initial shock
  • is beginning to become known around here as "The Bug", "E. Love", "Sissy Baby", or "Emmy-Emmy CoCo Pop"
  • has a sixth sense that allows her to know exactly when Mommy sits down to eat. This allows her to scream until someone holds her so she does not miss one minute of any quality time
  • loves a good swaddle, just like brother and sister. Another baby burrito.
  • got 4 vaccinations today, including rota virus. Noah was with me and for some reason, i thought it would be a great idea to get his flu shot while we were there. For future reference, it is never a good idea to have 2 kids getting shots at the same time.
  • still in newborn clothes
  • we recently graduated to size one diapers, but she could totally still wear newborns sized. 
  • is super excited about her Halloween costume...any guesses? Here's a hint... Noah is a monkey...
  • needs to work on her head control a bit.
  • likes fans and mobiles
  • takes zant@c and probiotics daily
  • loves the swing. Yay!
  • smiley smiley
  • has started to coo
  • loves her mommy a lot
  • mommy loves her a lot
At her two month check up today, we found out that she hasn't gained any weight for the last 12 days. This is causing a little bit of concern and she is having several tests run in the next few days. Emmy has not done well on any formula, not even Nutramigen which is supposed to be the fix all, golden ticket formula. I am sure it is nothing and that she will be just fine, but we would appreciate some prayers for The Bug this week. I know they are just trying to rule things out, but some scary words have been thrown around and as much as they say don't panic... well, that just makes me panic.


Anonymous said...

wow.. she looks quite a bit bigger from this picture to the last! We have to come soon because I want to see everyone.

Brian and Kerum said...

She's gorgeous! Just like her big sister! I can't believe she's still in newborn clothes though...Aiden is too long for them!

Sorry you have to worry about this weight gain thing. I hope they just find out that it's a simple fix and not any of the scary stuff you've been hearing. We'll be praying for you guys!