Thursday, August 19, 2010

We're here, Y'all

Our first night in our new house. Emmy was amazed.

We had a visit with some of our favorite people, sweet Sophie and April.

Noah has been aggravating Hope to no end. Here he is laying on the coffee table just to make her crazy. It worked.

We have been working on getting this girl enrolled in Kindergarten, school supplies purchased, and of course, finding the perfect back to school outfit. Can't wait to show pictures!

And this little girl has decided that being held is the way to go. Luckily Mimi has been happy to oblige. wish me luck when Mimi is not here next week to pick her up every time she cries!

Some Noah and "Sissy Baby" bonding taking place.
Oh My. We really did it. We moved back to Texas. Away from our family. With three kids. One only 3 weeks old. And one who is fully in his terrible twos. And one who is days away from starting Kindergarten. To a house we had never stepped foot into. What were we thinking? This is where I would like to say, "Oh things went off without a hitch!" Ha. Not quite! We have hit a few minor bumps in the road, but we are all fine in the end. We can almost even see the humor in them already. Almost!
John, Emmy and I arrived late Thursday night, dropped the dog off at Petsm@rt , and picked up the keys to the house. We drove over to the house and looked around for the first time. Luckily, after a few, um, housekeeping issues, we love it. It will be a great house for us. The movers unloaded us Friday morning. They were super fast. My sister, mom and Clara brought Hope and Noah to Texas Friday night. This is where the fun started! We made it all of 13 hours before our first Emergency Room visit! Noah fell while climbing on the bathtub (after John had JUST gotten on to him and taken him off of it) and bit all the way through his little lip. We found the hospital and it was the fastest ER visit you have ever hear of. They put a little glue on it, got us some antibiotics to keep it from becoming infected and sent us on our way. Noah kept saying, "I gotta boo boo." It was really pitiful. Later that night, John ran to Kroger and his battery died in the parking lot. Awesome.
Monday, I went to register Hope for Kindergarten and then Noah had to have a follow up with a pediatrician. Which was great since we didn't have a pediatrician! Luckily we had been given the names of two that are in the same practice before we moved and I had already scheduled a well child visit for Emmy, so they agreed to let him be seen that day after asking approval from approximately 37 different people in the practice. I headed out the door with Noah to the appointment, I realized John still had the insurance card in his wallet from the ER so he texted me the info. I was looking at the text while walking in the building, putting my keys in my purse and carrying Noah. I didn't notice the curb. I fell harder than I have fallen in my adult life. I scraped up my knees ankles and one hand. Obviously, this is not a big deal, but still soooo embarrassing. So I go in to the building dripping with blood. The nurse was very sweet and cleaned me up. They made a great first impression... me, not so much. Anyway, the doctor was great and said his mouth was healing just fine.
Tuesday, I got a call from the school nurse saying that Hope was missing a shot. WHAT? Apparently it is not a shot she had to have in Arkansas since I knew she was good to go there. Panic set in quickly as the nurse said Hope could not be enrolled until she was vaccinated. Great. More begging and pleading with the pediatricians office. Only this time I needed approval from 57 different authorities in the practice to vaccinate a child that was not an established patient. They told me not to expect to hear from them that day. ( Side note. I had to run into their office to sign a release form to be faxed from our peds office in AR. I walked in (didn't fall!) and there was the one person I actually know in McKinney! Kristin was leaving with her two beautiful kiddos. So funny! What are the odds?) I thought I would be super smart and just go to the health department for the shot. Ha. There were 50. Not exaggerating. FIFTY people in front of us. They were on # 34 and we were #84. I decided it was okay to wait one more day to hear from the pediatricians office. :) I called the next day, we got in, got vaccinated, got enrolled and met all the Kindergarten teachers all within a couple hours. So glad it worked out.
So, as you can tell, we have had a few hiccups! I am so happy my sister and mom were here last weekend helping us unpack or it would have been so much more stressful getting Noah to the ER. And my mom is here all week with us making life a lot easier.
On and Emmy note, she has been having some tummy issues. Not sure if it was the nasty Texas water or what. Today I have put her back on the ready to feed formula and she has done much better. I guess when she gets a few days under her belt we will try the powder with purified water? I don't know. Ugh. I hope she is not showing signs of being lactose intolerant like her siblings.
But really, all those things are just minor. We are so excited about Hope's new school and teacher. Our little Emmy is one month old. And Noah is doing much much better with his baby sister. Hope and Noah love the house, especially having a playroom. We are thrilled to be closer to Grandma Sharon and the Walkers again. And although I am a tad overwhelmed by it right now, I am so excited about staying at home with the babies. This is my first time to be a stay at home mom full time. I have always at least worked part time since Hope was born. I keep saying that I am going to learn to be a domestic diva. No one seems to believe me. Must be because I don't know how to cook. Or because I didn't know how to turn the vacuum on one year after we got it. Or because I just learned how to use the self clean feature on an oven. Oh well, just you wait. :)
And I would like to say RIP dear Cupcake the fish. I am sorry you didn't survive the move. Was it just too rough for you? You were one cool beta fish. The only white one I had ever seen. Until John found another one to replace you before Hope made it to the house to ask where you were.


Nicole said...

You just amaze me. Nuff said.

tallgirl said...

You crack me up. I am so glad everything is turning around. When we first moved into our house, Peanut got to take an ambulance ride to the ER for a suspected poisoning. SWEET! I have decided that kids are the best at breaking in a new house.

Jen said...

Glad things are going mostly well! It sounds like it will be really great once everything settles down.

Sarah Roberts said...

I love the opening Picture!
and I hope when I have kids, we can avoid the hospitals more than you guys do. Had it only been two years since you went to Arkansas - when Noah was born. CRAZY!

jnbjourney said...

I know I'm late (like, really late) but I wanted to say welcome!! And I'm glad you made it safely. And I'm sorry for all the issues and craziness that came along with the ride. But we sure are glad ya'll are here in Texas!!! :)