Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Kindergarten Girl

I could not be more proud of this girl! We have completely turned her world upside down these last few weeks, and she has adjusted so so well. And she was so ready to start Kindergarten! She did have a few nervous moments in the days before, but when she woke up Monday morning, she said, "I was nervous last night, but now I'm just excited!"

Mimi found her the perfect back to school outfit. While Mommy found her the perfect backpack lunchbox combo. You know, before she starts to want to pick them out herself!

Our goal when John started his crazy traveling job when Hope was two was that I wanted him to be done traveling before she started kindergarten. Funny how things happen! He's here to see her every morning and night now!

Mimi stayed with us for 10 nights! She was here to see Hope off for her first day, and stayed with the babies so John and I could both take in the moment of our oldest starting school. I took Mimi to the airport after I took Hope to school. Thanks for everything, Mimi!

Our little Wolverine!
Walking down the ramp to the Kindergarten pod. Yes, I was that crazy mom with the camera.
Finding her name on her class frog pond.
Her new teacher, Miss B! Love her. Really, I could not pick a better fit for Hope this year.
She went right to work at her table. She gave me the, "ok, go now" look, so I kissed her and drug her daddy out of there.

She had a great first day! She ended up with blisters on her hands from the monkey bars, but that hasn't stopped her from still playing on them every day! And she now has two more blisters to show for it. She has read both books that she was sent home with completely on her own with out any help. There are not many girls in her class, and three of them have said she can't be their friend because she doesn't have "Twinkle Toe" shoes like they do. Man, it starts early, doesn't it? She has seemed okay with that and hasn't asked for the shoes. Truthfully, if she asked for them, I would buy them for her, but not before we had a little talk about not buying them just to be friends with the twinkle toe group.

We are all trying to adjust to the new routine. Hope and her daddy still read Junie B. every night, but story time has been moved up quite a bit. Which the daddy struggles with. He and Hope have been living it up this summer with nightly battles of Wii Speed Slice and bowling, movies, dessert and Junie B. I think they are both looking forward to this weekend when the Mommy doesn't say she has to be in bed by 8:00!


Brian and Kerum said...

Hope is such a beautiful little girl! Love the outfit and the fact that you AND John got to be there for her first day.

I'll be that crazy camera lady on at least you have company in that club! Oh, and good luck with the whole "friend" thing. That's the one thing I am nervous about for this year. I'm glad to see that she hasn't let it bother her and begged you for the shoes yet. A surprise pair would probably be more special anyway! :-)

tallgirl said...

the only crazy people are the ones without the camera!

I just bought this book, which i have not read, called "little girls can be so mean". i will let you know how it goes. it is about talking with your daughter about bullying at the age our kids are.

Jen said...

That is the perfect outfit! I love it. You are the third person I know (including myself) who got their daughter a backpack from PB Kids. They are so cute and sized just right.

I'm glad that her school is going well, despite the mean girls. A little girl called Madeline a "glasses head" on the first day of school. It made her sad, which made me sad. Nobody had ever teased her about her glasses before. :(