Saturday, August 28, 2010

Emmy's Room

08 21 10_7537

Emmy's room is finally coming together. She still needs a dresser, and we need to hang the pictures, but yay! She has a room! My mom brought me this amazing monkey painting when she came to visit! It's a Brittany Skarda Lord original! Thank you so much, Brittany and mom! It is so perfect! I love all the details from the bedding she added, like the polka dots and the flower and branch! So fun!

And this was my "nesting project" that my mom took on for me! I found this mirror for $10 and had big plans for painting it, but life was just a tad too crazy! Mimi did a much better job than I could have, plus it is more special since Mimi did as well. Thanks Meems!
08 21 10_7540

Love it, love it. I will post some final pictures when it is finished!

08 21 10_7539


Walker Family said...

Everything looks great. I would of course suggest actually putting the monkey artwork on the wall. Ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Ross is looking for a good time to take Hope to Six Flags! of course he is doing it partly as an excuse just to go to six flags.