Friday, August 06, 2010

Doctor Laura

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The goodbyes started last week when we had to say goodbye to our kids' pediatrician. I started taking Hope to Dr. Laura Sanders when she was about 2 months old. I met her while taking Clay to preschool and I instantly liked her. She is a mom and she is real. And she puts up with all my crazy questions. When John and I were taking Emmy to her check up, I got a little teary thinking about this being our last appointment with her. I cannot tell you how much I have trusted her opinion when it comes to my children. I was never afraid to ask "What would you do for your child?" And she always gave me her honest opinion. I am sad that we won't know our new pediatrician at all, and that they might see my kids as just another patient, whereas Dr. Laura always knew that they were special.

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Brian and Kerum said...

I'm jealous that you knew your kids' ped. We never know what doctor ours will see and even when we were in NWA, we didn't have that "relationship" with the dr we chose for our boys. I hope you find someone in Texas that you still like, but I'm sure it won't ever be the same!