Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Emmy's Story

Our little surprise baby (A great surprise!) continued to keep us on our toes up till her birthday! She does not appear to be a fan of Mommy's plans! We are moving to Texas in mid August, and the week before last, Dr. Wyatt gave us an induction date of August 2. So, I finally had a count down to work with! 6 am August 2nd, we would be ready to celebrate the birth of our third baby. I saw Dr. Wyatt again last Wednesday, and my BP was a little up. I had to lay on my side, it went down, I went home. On Friday, I left the house to go return something to Target. I was looking to kill some time, so I tried walking around the store. I did not feel right at all. So, I went to sit in mom's office for a little bit and cut some things out for the center. Mom and I made hair appointments, and we left for lunch and new do's. While we were out I told mom I thought I should run into Kroger and check my BP. It was way up. I called the dr and the nurse said for me to be there when they returned from lunch at 1:30. So, what did we do? Well, we had time to go get our hair cut of course. I am pretty sure everyone was afraid that I was going to give birth there in the Beehive Salon. And I know Susie has never cut hair so fast in her life :) Thanks Susie! When I got to Dr. Wyatt, we did a non stress test and BP checks. Dr. Wyatt comes in and says he is sending us to Labor and Delivery for some testing. He opens the door wide and the nurse is there with a wheel chair! I might have fussed a bit about this. Maybe. When we got there, we met my nurse who had the same first and last name as me. What are the odds? After more tests, Dr. Hutchinson (who was the on call doc for the weekend for my clinic) admitted me for 24 hours of tests. Awesome. This put the 24 hour test at being over at 7:25 p.m. Saturday night. At about 9 pm, the results were in and the nurse came in and said, "Want to have a baby tomorrow?!" Um, yes, yes I do. John ran home to get everything for the big event, we made some calls and tried very hard to go to sleep. At 7 am Sunday morning, I was taken to a delivery room to be induced!

I had been having contractions for days, so after a bit of pitocin, things were moving fast! I got an epidural (after 3, THREE, tries) and life was good. I think it slowed things down a bit, but so totally worth it. At around 11, we polled everyone in the room to guess the time. John guessed 4:00 and I said he was not my friend anymore for saying it was going to take that long. Dr. H guessed 2:30. I am here to tell you, this baby was born at 4 pm on the dot. Then, my nurse guessed her weight exactly to the ounce! My sister stayed with us in the delivery room this time and I am so glad she did. I was so worried about John passing out (AGAIN!) that I wanted him to be sitting the whole time. The moment Emmy was born I thought, she looks like Noah! When I held her for the first time I could just tell how sweet she is. Can't describe it, just felt it. She checked out just perfectly and we are so so happy to have her here with us. Thank you God for Emmy Love.

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Jen said...

She's beautiful. I'm glad for you that she was born early, since being pregnant in the summer sucks, but August 2 would have been cool because that's Madeline's birthday! Oh, well. Congratulations again!