Thursday, July 22, 2010

Emmy heads home

After getting the all clear from Emmy's doctor, we were ready to head home. Here is her outfit all laid out. My mom made the sweet blanket and, as is tradition, bought the coming home outfit. Hope picked out the sandals, which unfortunately were a little big!

Daddy getting Emmy ready to head home.

Love her.

Ready to go!

Think Daddy is proud? On a side note, we have brought all three kids home in this car.

The whole family is home. Noah is still just not sure about this whole deal.

This is Noah's favorite place to be, right beside me in this chair. It is our little snuggle spot. I was so happy he was ready to sit with me again in his spot. He didn't talk to me much, just sat there. It has taken him some time to warm up to me again. This has not been easy on me since I have always been his #1, but I understand why and I know we are on our way back.

She is just so sweet and peaceful.
Emmy with her Mimi blanket. So special to me. Thanks Mimi.
Doesn't this look like she is admiring her beautiful hands?! She can wink with the best of em.
This is where John likes to be with our little babes. On the floor, staring at them.
Nenny and Clara welcomed us home with Hope and Noah. Thanks Nenny and Mimi for getting the house ready for us to come home! When we left Friday morning, we were not expecting to come home with a baby!
Clara is a pretty proud cousin! She is so good with babies.

Speaking of proud...

Checking out the baby sister...

She is totally in love.
There was a moment that this all kind of clicked for Noah. We have been saying forever that this is Emmy's swing. All of the sudden he said, "Emmy! Swing!" And he really really wanted her to go in it. It was good to see a smile from big brother. He is still slowly warming up to her.
First night home. Sweet dreams, baby girl.


Jen said...

OH, it makes me want to cry. She is beautiful. I want another baby!

Nicole said...

She is just so sweet. Jill, you have such a beautiful family. And, your hair looks fabulous!