Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Brother

Big Brother Noah is still struggling to figure out what has happened to his world.

The first few days were pretty rough. Lots of sulking and fussing and just not being able to communicate well enough to understand what is going on.
We have all made an effort to put Emmy down and comfort him whenever possible, but clearly, it's not always possible, so we might end up like this...

Yesterday, I was feeding Emmy a bottle. Noah came up and sat beside me in his usual spot. After a minute he said, "Hug me!" So I did.

Several times he has told me to put Emmy in the swing. Or on the floor. Or just looked at me carrying her somewhere and broken down. It breaks my heart. He does not appear to be a big fan of this new little person...
But then, they had a moment.
And it made me very happy.


tallgirl said...

that sucks for everyone. if it makes you feel any better, BabyP is always losing it and he didn't just get his world rocked.

Brian and Kerum said...

I've been wondering how Noah has been lately. Even though I know all kids are different, I figured Noah's reaction would give me an idea as to how Colten will react. It's so hard for them! However, I am hoping that their young age will help them "recover" a little quicker as they forget what it was like to be the baby of the family.

Love the picture of you holding both babies. So sweet!

Martha said...

He will adjust. We went through this with Will when we brought Caroline home. We just gave him all the attention he needed (whenever possible). Now he and Caroline are the best of friends and he couldn't imagine not having her to play with him.