Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goodnight my boy

When Noah Red wakes up tomorrow, he will be 2! What a blessing he is to our family! I have to be honest and say his last day as a one year old was not fun! He woke up so sick in the middle of the night with an episode that scared the bejeezes out of me. He was shaking and his temperature got very high very fast. Febrile seizure? Maybe. If it happens again, you will find us in the nearest ER. So, today started with a trip to the doctor complete with throat swabs and blood draws. Not a good start. They took blood from his sweet little finger, and of course he cried. The nurse put a bandaid on it, but he kept screaming and screaming and screaming. Just harder and harder. I finally asked him if he wanted me to take the bandaid off, and he cried, "OFF!" So, I took it off and set it in the window sill by where we were sitting. He stopped crying immediately. Then he kept pointing his finger at the bandaid and saying "NO Hurt!" He was so mad at that bandaid for hurting his "fergner."
Anyway, the rest of the day consisted of round the clock Motrin and Tylenol to keep his fever down (Just a little fever virus... he will be better for his party!) He just laid around and looked for his sissy all day. He would cry when I would say, "Noah, sissy is not here. She is at school." Very sad. He didn't eat dinner tonight, but did perk up to play with Sissy. She is standing behind me when I took these pictures, which explains the awesome grins I haven't been able to capture in a while. Don't worry, I made the mental note of remembering to ask her to help me get him to smile from now on!
Of course I got a little sad putting him to bed. I remembered sitting in that rocking chair each of the last 2 April 28ths, thanking God for my Noah Red. Tonight was no exception. Only tonight I realized that next April 28th, I won't be putting him to bed in that crib in that room. He will be sharing a room with Sissy, and his baby sissy will be sleeping in that bed. Whoah. One day at a time. :)


Brian and Kerum said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Noah! You look like the happiest sick baby I've ever seen! :-) Get well soon and have fun at your party!

Jen said...

Oh, those photos are so great. Sorry he had such a rough day! Lindley had the fever virus a couple of weeks ago. My least favorite diagnosis.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my sweet Noah. You have brought so much joy to our family! I love you, Mimi