Tuesday, May 04, 2010


My boy is two. I just can't believe it. Here is what's up with Noah these days:

  • He weighs 22.6 pounds. Below the 3rd percentile. He is still a runt. Actually, he even fell off of his curve this time. I feel like he might have lost a bit of weight this last week though while he has been sick. I have always thought Noah was quite a bit bigger than his runt sister, but I just looked back at her two year stats... she was 22.5 pounds!

  • He is talking up a STORM. Just all of the sudden he strings things together. My favorite things he has said this month make me smile. When we were getting into the very hot car a couple of weeks ago, instead of saying his usual, "Hot, Mommy!" He said, "BIG Hot, Mommy." And another, when he was climbing onto my bed, his leg slipped between the mattress and the rail. He yelled out, "BIG STUCK!" Funny, funny.

  • He is annoyed by his sister quite easily. She just wants to play with him, but it drives him batty for her to touch him or anything he perceives to be his.

  • Still loves food. Almost any kind of food too. But no broccoli. I don't understand this. I LOVE broccoli. But my kids won't touch it. He is known to yell out his drive through requests while driving down the road. If you pass by the donut shop, McD's, or a pizza place, you can expect him to demand, "DONUTS!" "CHICKEN" or "PIZZA."

  • Elevators are called "Push it"s. He wants to ride the "Push it" at school every before we go home. He also knows there is a "Push it" at the doctors office, and lets you know as soon as you pull into the parking lot.

  • "AWDEEDOE" Took me a while to figure this one out. It means "Open the door."

  • No longer takes a bottle. I know, people, I know. Way over due. But, he was so sweet to lay in my arms in my morning and take his bottle. He only wanted one in the morning. He has traded it in for a sippy cup of (WAY DILUTED) tea. Heaven forbid we run out of tea first thing in the a.m.

  • Still hanging on the the pacifier. I know I need to eliminate it soon before the baby comes, but, well, we are going to Dallas soon, and I am not doing it before those 12 hours in the car.

  • Has discovered Thomas the train. Brings back memories of sweet Keller and Clay. Happy that I have my own Thomas fan now.

  • Still loves anything with buttons. He has more fake phones than most kids, but he loves loves loves them. He scored a Buzz Lightyear phone this week while we were waiting to check out at the grocery store. It has gone with us everywhere since.

  • Has no clue that he has a baby sister coming in 3 months.

  • Still sleeps like a champ (when he is not sick!) I really need to transition him to a bed before baby, but really, why am I messing with his awesome sleep habits? I don't know what to do. Although he is a climber, he has not yet attempted to scale the crib. And he really loves it. Help!


Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Noah!
"Terrific Twos!"

Jen said...

We're about to take Lindley out of her crib, so if you want to borrow ours during any overlap, you can. Or, I'll sell it to you cheap.

Brian and Kerum said...

Noah, you are such a big boy now!

Jill, Austin put himself into a toddler bed. We had just bought one cheap at a yard sale and it was sitting in his room for whenever Anna wanted to spend the night and he just got right in and layed down one night. We tried it and he never looked back. :-) Maybe just set up a bed for him in his room and see what he does. Don't be afraid to try it and if it doesn't work, why mess with a good thing? Borrow Jen's crib and let him continue his awesome sleep habits! :-)