Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Disney Day 1 - Epcot

We rode the bus to Epcot this morning. Getting a bus was way less chaotic than imagined. Everyone is just a little bit more laid back at Disney, I think. We met the Steele's before the park opened so we could validate our tickets together. It was so fun to see them! Hope got a button when we checked in the Hotel that said "Happy Birthday Hope!" That was one of my very favorite things about the trip! EVERYWHERE we went, people said "Happy Birthday Hope!" She heard Happy Birthday literally hundreds of times while we were there. That is a pretty special 5th birthday if you ask me! Walking into Epcot was super magical. This was our first Birthday greeting. All the Disney cast members are out and high fiving and shaking hands. Even maintenance men and women, I mean everyone! So cool. I am sad to admit this, but Day 1 was the only day we made it to a park before it opened. I have no one to blame but the kids and my husband! All 3 were hard to wake all of the rest of the days! Not kidding! Anyway, there is definitely something special about walking in as the park is opening. In the rush to get to the rides, we passed Daisy Duck, who is probably Hope's favorite character. I just knew we would find her again... but, we didn't! Apparently she is rare to see! I didn't know!
Here are some pictures of the few hours we had with the Steele's before Austin got sick, bless his heart!

The first ride we all actually got on was Living with the Land. Hope loved every second. have you ridden it? It is hands down the longest, most boring ride in the history of the world, but my child? LOVED it. Here are Noah and I learning about agriculture...

Nemo was also a big favorite with Hope.

We walked through all the different countries, deciding what to eat for lunch. Guess where we landed? AMERICA. No shock there, right?

We enjoyed the walk along the way. We found Donald...

Played the drums....

(Definitely a highlight for Noah Red!)

And... We spotted our first PRINCESS!!!

People, it was like straight out of a Disney World commercial magical. There was no line, she was just standing there! Hope ran up, and Snow White was per.fect. Girl was awesome. I might have teared up, I'm just sayin'. Hope's Mimi made her an awesome autograph book, and Snow White loved finding her picture to sign by. She asked Hope who made it, and Hope told her, "Mimi." Snow White said, "Oh, is Mimi a Queen?" Hope loved that!

This little man was awesome on Day 1.

We went to watch Honey I Shrunk the Audience. Hope was nooooot pleased. We also watched Turtle talk with crush. I have a clip that I have got to learn how to get onto the computer. Crush talked to Hope! He said, "Who's that little dudette with the bright blond fur on her noggin?" They brought the mic to Hope, and she told him her name. Then he asked her to say, "Totally Sweet Dude!" She did. It was so fun.

Hope's favorite things of the day when asked:

1.Seeing Donald and Snow White

2. Taking a picture in a sharks mouth

3. The pixie dust on the ground at night

This was the scene in our hotel room that night...

Life is good!

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Nicole said...

Ok. How in the world do you capture such great moments with your camera? I've got to take some lessons from you.
Your Disney Day 1 seemed pretty magical! I want to go!