Sunday, April 04, 2010

Our Easter 2010

Happy Easter! We had a great day with family enjoying our favorite traditions. There were also some new aspects as well. For one, this was the first Sunday since Hope was born that I haven't worked at a church in some capacity or another. It was strange to not have a million responsibilities running through my head. (I mean, of course, outside my little family!) I even had time to make the green bean casserole and some cookies before we left for church. It was crazy! We went to my sisters' church which was fun to be with the whole Sullivan crew. This meant we walked to and from church after we all met at Mama Bee and Paw Paw's house. How cute are all the cousins lined up? (including Rosalie and Zeb!)

Hope was so very proud of her dress this year. It was extra twirly. Isn't the bandaid lovely?

Most of the cousins... (Miss you, Wade!)

After church, we went out to Nenny's house for our annual festivities. John won the egg contest with his "Eggs-ercise." it was a dumbell, and was pretty cute. Just for the record, I didn't enter this year (I was so sick yesterday. Blah) so, pretty sure I would have kicked his tail once again had I taken the chance.

Comparing the loot

Noah is a terrible Easter Egg hunter. After his first hunt, he figured out that good things are inside those eggs, so this is egg hunting Noah style (no basket needed.) First you find the closest egg. Open it. Stop and eat whatever is in the egg. Throw the empty egg on the ground. Find the next closest egg and repeat the process. This morning, Hope just took his basket and filled it for him after we told her she had enough!

Fun day worshiping our God and spending time with our family. We are blessed!

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Nicole said...

Wow, you were right on the ball with your Easter blog!
I'm glad you had a blessed Easter.I love the coordinating blue and yellow cousin outfits!