Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hope's Peter Rabbit Play

The day finally came! Thursday was Hope's Senior Play! Her school has put on the most precious Peter Rabbit play every year for a very long time! Julia was Cottontail Rabbit when she was 5, and Riley and Clara were both Mopsy Rabbit back in their day. Hope was Cottontail, and man was she cute! I cannot even tell you guys how hard their teachers work on this play. They are just so wonderful. All three of my nieces wore this same costume that Mimi made for Julia. The tail needed a facelift, so Mimi "Hope-ified" it with lots of sparkles! Hope did her part perfectly and loved every minute of it! (So did I!) I am so happy everything went so well, despite our house being broken into earlier that day, and Noah getting sick at the end of the play (into Aa Aa and Zeke's camera bag, I might add...sorry!) John and I were just so proud of that silly girl!

Hope and Zeb

Mama Rabbit,
and Peter


Brian and Kerum said...

Love Hope as Cottontail! Glad she did so well!!!

Sorry about the house getting broken into AND Noah getting sick! Goodness, do you get a break at ALL???

Shaunda said...

Cuteness overload! I know you are one proud mama!!!

Jen said...

How fun! Your mom is such a great seamstress!