Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Croup. Crap.

Noah has Croup. It has not been fun. Hope had it when she was a baby, so I recognized the barking cough during the night. He just wasn't getting any better, so I took him in today, where it was confirmed. He has the croup. Crap. Every little thing, he gets it. I can't say this enough, but I am ALWAYS so thankful that it is just little things. And one of these days, he will have a rock solid immune system. He will have perfect attendance in Elementary School, right? Except when I take him out to go to Disney World. He started steroid treatments today, and I honestly don't know if this is because of the steroids or not, but the boy has the munchies. He would cry, grab my hand, pull me to the refrigerator, grab some cheese and eat it. Then, cry, grab my hand, fridge, grapes. Then, cry, hand, counter, cereal bar. It was crazy. He is a great eater anyway, but this was ridiculous. At dinner he would cry, and I would ask him if he was all done. His usual response to this is "Cheese?" And I usually give him a slice of cheese before I get him down. Tonight, however, he learned a new request. "Dip!" He wanted ketchup. He dipped everything in ketchup. even pineapples. eww. Hopefully now that he is being treated, he will get over it quickly. Mommy needs some sleep. For real.

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