Monday, December 14, 2009

Julia's Christmas Cotillion

Last weekend was Julia's Christmas Ball at Cotillion. She was getting ready at my mom's house, and I wanted to see her, of course! She was looking way too grown up! She is a beautiful girl, inside and out!

FANCY hair!

So Pretty!

So, I knew Hope would love to see Julia get all fancied up for the ball. And she did! She kept saying, "Is it a real ball? For real a real ball?" She just thought Julia was a princess. Which then became a problem. At about this point here, Hope is realizing that dressed up Julia is about to leave to go to the ball... and that Hope is NOT leaving to go to the ball... she would not smile for any pictures.

And this is what the car ride home looked like. I promised her that she could go to a ball when she grows up. She was not amused.

Love you, Julia T. So proud of you!


Anonymous said...

I loved it when Hope realized that it would be 7 more years before she would be old enough to go to the ball... you could hear the cries all the way down the street.

Nicole said...

She is so pretty! Love the Christmas-y. Don't worry Hope, you will be the bell of the ball soon enough.
Maybe for her next birthday you can throw a princess ball party? Just trying to soften the blow of having to wait 7 more years...

Sarah Roberts said...

Julia is gorgeous. Hope is hilarious.