Friday, December 04, 2009

Noah vs. Hallmark

Doesn't this Christmas Countdown magnet set look so cute? That's what mom and I thought when we (she) purchased it for Hope a few weeks ago. She loved counting down the days till Disney World, so I knew she would love this too. While she was at school Thursday, I finally got it out and put it on the fridge. I put it up high on the freezer (we have the good ol freezer on top, fridge on bottom appliance) so that Noah couldn't reach it and eat the cookie magnets. Get one last look at the cute 11 inch by 8 inch heavy, sharp metal pan, because the cuteness is about to end...

I put the magnet set up around 3:30 that afternoon. At around 5:30 (only 2 HOURS later) I was cooking dinner (shocking, I know... focus people, focus) and Noah was following me around. As I was pulling things out of the fridge, Noah was pulling things out of the fridge as well. All the sudden, the baking pan from the magnet set fell and hit my poor sweet baby on the head. Blood was everywhere. It was so scary. John was out of town, and I couldn't decide if he needed to go to the Emergency room or not. The wound was deep, but only about a 1/2 inch long. I put pressure on my screaming baby's head while I called my parents to come over and give me a second opinion on the ER or not ER decision. By the time they came over, the bleeding had almost stopped, although he was still very very upset. He was flipping out when I tried to take pictures, so this is the best I got.

So, then I start trying to figure out what happened. Why did it fall? I look at the freezer and the magnets that were attached to the back of the pan were still on the freezer, while the pan was on the floor. The adhesive just completely came off. Now this is where the mommy gets mad. Furious actually. As I mom, I do everything I can to protect my children. However, I cannot protect them from failed adhesive. I did everything right. I put it up high so that he wouldn't choke on the little cookie magnets. And then there are the awful thoughts of what would have happened if he had looked up when it fell. It could have been his eye. No, it wasn't, but it could have been. The pan is so sharp, it just sliced right through his little head. So, fuming mommy wrote an email to Hallmark. Then furious mommy woke up and called Hallmark. I was on hold for TWENTY minutes before a representative answered my phone call. As I am telling her my story, her first question was "Now, why did you hang it on the fridge?" BECAUSE IT IS A MAGNET! She did become much nicer, but kept putting me on hold, we got disconnected, she had to ask so and so... It was the longest conversation in the history of the world. In the end, she did say she was very sorry. And I know, she probably really is. But, I am just so mad! It is a heavy pan. Those magnets were clearly not strong enough to hold it up. Anyway, this story is to be continued...I have to send back the product along with the story and pictures of the poor baby's head. It is nasty and bruised now, so I am going to try to get another pic of it tomorrow.

All this to say, please don't buy the cute cookie Christmas countdown magnet set from Hallmark. Thank you.


Nicole said...

Poor baby Noah. It's always something. You go get those big bad Hallmark people!

Brian and Kerum said...

As if being sick isn't enough, then he gets attacked by a Hallmark cookie sheet? SO wrong!

Can't wait to see what they say about it all when they eventually get around to looking into the case. We'll probably see the recall for this Christmas product in July.

pittle said...

Okay - I'm prejudiced - I worked for one of the Hallmark Manufacturing Centers for 29 years and they have provided me an awesome retirement. Today I am still working to decorate my four huge Christmas trees that have only Hallmark ornaments on them.

As much as I hate to admit it, this was probably made in China. That is not excuse - the metal "cookie sheet" should have been made of a metal that was magnetic too - not just adhesive. I hope that someone does contact you. (If not, send me an email at and I will forward it to some folks that I am still in contact with at Hallmark Headquarters that might be able to forward an email to someone who may be able to address this. They do need to know.


Jessica said...

aww.. Poor Noah!!

Sarah Roberts said...

WOW Jill, I can't believe I am just reading this. Gary and I are in suspense for the resolution. Take it to Oprah!!! All the WAY! You did the right thing!