Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a yucky day outside. It rained seriously all day. So much, in fact that my sister's property flooded so much that they had to evacuate their home on Christmas Eve. They had to load their horses up and take them to some friends land. The water thankfully never reached their house, but if you look at pictures, their house was seriously just sitting in the middle of a lake. So scary.

So, you get that there was lots of rain, right? So, I think we all were just in a funk all day. We didn't do all of our traditional Christmas Eve stuff. Looking back, I am pretty sad about this. We did get it together enough to go to a Christmas Eve service at a church we have been visiting. I did really miss FUMC that night, but it was good to be surrounded by my family. Before the service, we tried to get the perfect Christmas Eve pictures of the kiddos. Check them out:

Hope turned on the cheese to pose with the milk and cookies though!
And, as I went to bed, it looked liked Santa had come!

And now for randomness... Here is my new Santa for this year... doesn't that look like my kiddos on his lap?

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