Sunday, July 27, 2008

We interupt this blog....

To bring you some pics from the past.

Surely by now you know how I like to reminisce. We had the Geek Squ@d folks pull off all of our pictures that were on our old broken computer. As I am going through them, there are some I want to share!

These are of Krista and Kayla just a few days before we moved to Texas. They were our neighbors in our very first house. Their dad, Ryan, and I have been friends since junior high. We ate at Chili's with them all last Friday and the girls are so big! They are 2 and 1/2 now! I think they should still be this size! And look at what a baby Hope was when we moved! She was 19 months old.
This makes me laugh:) This is the first picture of John and I together. We were at Ozark Mission Project in June of 2000.

And now, for those of you who don't think Noah looks anything like Hope, here are some pictures of Hope areound the same age as Noah is now...

Sorry folks, they look exactly alike except for the hair and Noah's birthmark!


Michele said...

I knew those two looked exactly alike. I didn't notice it until you posted the Baptism photos. I could have sworn that was Hope with dark hair!

HT said...

OMG. They look exactly alike. I never realized it until I saw these pics.