Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dodson Studio

John's good friend Adam is an amazing photographer. The wedding pictures he takes are always awesome. When I was pregnant with Noah, I really wanted to do one of his "Baby Mama" sessions, but didn't for 2 reasons. One is that Adam lives in Northwest Arkansa, and two, I wasn't sure I wanted to document the "giganticness" that was me.

When we headed to NWA a few weeks ago, I begged John to beg Adam to take some pictures of Noah. They are now posted to his blog! I am pretty sure it is illegal for me to copy his pictures to put on the blog, and I am pretty sure he checks this blog....so please go to his blog to see them! His link, Dodson Studio Blog is listed to the right, or go to www.dodsonstudioblog.com. Thanks Adam! I cracked up at the one with Noah's arm. Too funny. I can't wait to see more!

Oh, and if you are ever in Northwest Arkansas and need some photos taken, or if you are getting married soon, give Adam a call! He really is amazing!

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Michele said...

Those photos are great! I will be checking my mailbox often (hint hint hint!).