Friday, July 18, 2008

Our "Girls" Trip (Plus Noah!)

We just got back from a fun trip to Branson. It was just the girls and Noah. For those of you who don't know...there is no one in the world who loves Branson like we do. My parents went their on there Honeymoon, and took us there every year when we were growing up.
We had a great time. The kiddos were all really good. Even Noah. He hardly made a noise the whole time we were there. He really loves to be outside. Hope was on cloud 9 the whole trip. She loves to be with "the cousins." It was really fun to get away and to spend time with my mom, my sister and her girls. We all laughed a lot. Here are a couple of good quotes from the trip:
  • Riley to Clara said "You are annoying." To which Clara replied "I am not. And I don't know what annoying means."
  • Hope as we were driving down "the strip" in Branson "There are so many things to see!"
  • While talking to Ross on the phone at Silver Dollar City. I said "Do you want me to get you a pop gun while we are here?" He said "Nah, I will either break it or dad will hide it from me." (Ross always had to have a pop gun every year we went to SDC when we were little.)

Some of my other favorite times were:

  • Getting soaked on the toboggan with Riley and Julia
  • Clara and Hope walking with their new umbrellas
  • The picture of us on the log ride. Clara was scared out of her mind, and Julia, who had just remembered that they take your picture as you go down, was sitting up so straight and perfect with her most perfect smile.
  • My mom somehow snuck back to the pottery place and bought me a mug that I wanted so badly (Thanks mom!)
  • Noah laughed out loud, at 2 in the morning, in his sleep!
  • The search for the chocolate covered pretzels that somehow have disappeared (fess up now!)

I don't have many pictures from the trip. I will have to get a disc from Mimi for more!

This is all the girls going to give dry Nenny a hug after they had gotten soaked at the water play area.

Here are some crazy hats

"Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil"


Michele said...

I love the last photo of Mimi and the girls! It's too cute!

the boyd's said...

hi, thanks for checking our blog, your kids are precious!
to make the headers, i make them in Publisher, save them as jpegs and add them as my image.
hope that helps!