Sunday, June 01, 2008

I get by with a little help...

From my friends...and my sister!

Friday was not a good day in our house. Not at all. We are all fine and healthy, but it was just one of those days where pretty much anything that could go wrong did. The worst of which I can not even post, but let's just say I am not going to be up for mother of the year. I don't mind telling you what happened, it's just not something I want to post. We finally left for the family reunion, about 5 hours later than originally planned. It was great. Really, family reunions are not always fun things, but we have a fun family. As we headed back, I was starting to get sad about John going back to work tomorrow, and stressed about my messy house I left on Friday and all that needs to get done before he leaves in the morning. I knew we were in for a not fun night. I walked in the door, and my house was clean! It really took me a minute to process! My sister came and cleaned my house! I just love her!
Then, I went out the front door, and there was a package from one of my very best friends, April. Packages from April are ALWAYS good things. Hope knew it was a good thing, too, because April always sends her and Noah fun suprises. In the box was probably the coolest gift I have ever been given. She turned our blog into a book! It is all the entries from the few weeks leading up to Noah's birth. It is such a special gift. I just love her, too!

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Anonymous said...

It is absolutely the cutest book I have ever seen. How thoughtful!!
You are so creative.