Friday, June 13, 2008


I wish I could remember every funny thing this child says, but I will write down a couple of things from the past week so I can remember those.
  • Hope gets a little bag of Doritos from someone at the school on days she takes a nap. (She is ridiculously spoiled by the ladies that work there! It has really helped, though, because I would say she is now napping 75% of the time. Before that, I would say it was more like 10%. So I will not complain!) Back to story. Ms. Janice stopped by Hope's room to check on her and she asked Hope if she took a nap. Hope answered "Yes!" So, then they asked one of Hope's teachers if she had taken a nap, teacher said no. They asked another teacher, teacher again says no. So Hope grabs Ms. Janice's face and whispers "They just don't know I took a nap!"
  • She was laying on my bed one night this week and Hope said she had a secret to tell me. she says, "I have rocks in my tummy." Being the over reactor that I am, I start to panic a tad, thinking about the rocks she had been playing with at the ball park, and wondering how in the world she could swallow rocks without me knowing. She then says "Can you feel them" She takes my hand and puts it on her ribs!

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