Thursday, May 29, 2008

One Month Old

What? Surely a month hasn't already passed. It has gone by really fast!

I am going to try to remember to take Noah's picture next to one of these things each month to see how he is growing (I saw this great idea on another blog and loved it! Please remind me to do it if I forget!) The bear is the Build A Bear that Hope made for him before he was born, and the doll is "Pretend Noah" the baby that Hope carried around everywhere while I was pregnant. Every Sunday she got to pick out one of real Noah's outfits to dress him in for church. Pretend Noah isn't getting as much attention now that the real Noah is here.

Here are some pictures of the "Birthday Boy." He loves to lay in the sunshine on his changing tables. It is the best place to catch his almost smiles. That is, before you change him. He HATES to be naked. These sweet smiles change quickly when he feels a draft!

Here are a few other things we have learned about the baby boy in the past month.

  • He loves for you to run your fingers through his hair
  • He hates his carseat
  • He loves to be held (24/7!)
  • No loud noises, please!
  • He doesn't like baths, either!
  • He loves to bounce on the exercise ball
  • All things that vibrate are good! The bouncy seat, the bassinet, Hope's orange cat toy...(I need to write a whole post about that silly cat.)
  • He likes the taste of Mylicon, but not Gripe Water!

And while I am listing things, here are some of the places he has gone to already:

  • 2 trips to the mall
  • 2 trips to Dixie Cafe
  • 2 ball games
  • the zoo
  • several car dealerships
  • the grocery store
  • Target (of course!)
  • And he made his first trip to church last Sunday

Another first will happen tomorrow. His first out of town trip. We are all going to the McCabe House for the Naylor family reunion. Hope is so excited about swimming inside the house. She can't wait!

And, another post I need to sit down and write...Hope can Read! Seriously. She can sound out lots of simple words. It is scary. I will write more later!

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Michele said...

I can't believe it's been one month. Don't worry, he'll grow out of the naked thing. For some reason, once little boys hit about 2, they always want to be naked!!!! Just wait. Little Man still strips down first thing after school.

Great job with Hope reading! Wolffe was 3 when he started, too. Now he's reading on a 2/3rd grade level. Never too early to start. But remember, now you can't always spell out those things you and John don't want to say out loud in front of her!

Sorry, I wrote a book with this comment. Can you tell I miss you? Call me soon so we can chat!