Sunday, June 22, 2008

You can't make this stuff up

I took the kids to see John in North West Arkansas this week. We had fun swimming in the pool, getting to hang out with Adam, Cyndi and Jaxon, and a little shopping. Unfortunately, John got sick Friday night. Really sick. When he felt well enough to get on the road, we did. We made it about an hour before he got sick again. Outside of a gas station. He then went into the gas station, passed out, and a vending machine fell on top of him. Seriously. He is ok, just a little scraped up, which gives you all permission to laugh now. Including myself. He will come around to laughing about it soon enough.

On to much cuter are some pictures of the kiddos this week. Noah is growing some chunky cheeks! Hope definitely has her own fashion sense with Daddy's basketball shoes and her swimsuit. She could barely pick her feet up in them!


Michele said...

Oh my! That's hysterical.

Laura said...

Some of the situations that you guys end up in!

Take care!